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The Bilbilitanos bed and breakfast is ideal for retreats, workshops and cultural activities in a relaxed and family environment. We offer accommodation, conference room, green area and alimentation supply for 30 people.

We are in Yupampa - Valencia, south of the city of La Paz (Bolivia). Here you can enjoy a warm weather, beautiful landscapes, sunrises and starry night’s dream..

600 m2
2750 m.a.s.l
64ºF - 77º F
26 Kms. from the center od the city (Approximately 1 hour from the center of the city)
Bilbilitanos is the adjective of those born in Calatayud - the former Bilbilis. On the heights of this Spanish town hall called Arab fortresses rise Ayud Kalat, whose landscapes are reminiscent of those of Yupampa - Valencia.